[Advaita-l] Query on size of yagnopavItaM

Animesh darkdevil114 at rocketmail.com
Wed Jul 22 07:23:52 CDT 2015

Namaste Venkatesha ji ,

To old people we can't  order we can humbly request them to no do so. We may told them this is against shAstra. Another suggestion is we can  suggest them to wear an additional lokika sutra with yagnopavItaM and tie key in that sutra or they can wear it in neck like a mAla and hang key in that lokika sutra .  
Dharma sindhu says (  in  yagnopavita nAsha prakran )
If one removes yagnopavitA from neck he should perform prayachhitA , first he should wear a new  yagnopvaita ( lokika , no mantras should be used for wearing  ) then either hila homaM with gayatri ( 100 or 1000 ) is to be performed or japaM or homa by prachitta mantras ( given there in dharma sindhu ) . If he had installed aupAsana then prayachhita is kushmAnda homam , for person having all three agnis 'pavithrshti ' is to be performed. Then using mantras a new  yagnopvaitaM is to be worn. Or best way is in such cases you should wear it in nivAta manner and lest of the length of yagnopavIta should be rolled on right ear. ( by doing this no prayachittaM will be there or for 5 yajushAkhas i.e madhyAndina , kanva, kAthaka, charaka, taittariya  it can be rolled on right thumb , the pramana for this is lengthy one given in  hiranyakeshiya samskara ratnamAla of bhatta gopinAtha Dixita) 

When you are having a hair cut in a barber shop he
may accidentally touch it , Changing of yagnopavitaM after bath is sufficient no  pryAchittAM .


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