[Advaita-l] Please Clarify about this...  

Animesh darkdevil114 at rocketmail.com
Tue Jul 21 08:42:23 CDT 2015

Namaste Harsh ji ,

As for as my knowledge the name given to shankarAcharya at sanyasa was ' bhagavat pujya pAdAcharya ' or more specifically 'shankara bhagavatpujya pAdAcharya' which was later shortened  as ' shankarAcharya ' by the peoples of that time. And this name of our beloved Acharya was more popular. Now as you asked about sanayasa titles tirtha , purI , aranya , this 10 titles and  dashnAmI sampradAya was initiated by shankarAcharya himself for sack of organization of sanyasasis of that time. Before him all this sanyasI were given different title and instead of dashnAmI they were merely called ekadandins or dandi swAmI. Those who had given even danda etc stuff were know as avadhUtas .
Before him , 'AnandanAtha saraswatI' , pAdA ( more specifically pAdAcharya title , even present day Acharya of godapAda maTha have this title ) ,  and tirthAvadhuta  were titles of sanyasis.


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