[Advaita-l] Attributes and upadhis

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Fri Jul 10 22:52:47 CDT 2015

Ravi Kiran:
 Regarding the example
 itself, is it not that, had  Vishnumitra had
 perceived devadatta earlier (A - during
 childhood days when they used to
 play :) and
 after many years ( grown up), seeing devadatta again (B)
 not knowing A = B, when yaGYadatta says
 -  this is that devadatta ,
 all the
 happens as detailed above ?
 My question specifically is -
 if  Vishnumitra is seeing devadatta for the
 very first time in his life and
 yaGYadatta says -  this is that devadatta,
 does the above discarding
 happens, lakShaNA
 vRRitti of the type bhAga-tyAga, since there is no
 context of 'that' as far as Vishnumitra
 is concerned ?
 Ravi Kiranji - PraNAms.

The point Pranipataji was making is the equation involves  one Devadatta  from memory and one from direct perception. Memory need not be based on previous perception - it can be based on shabda - or hear say about Devadatta by his friend Yagnadatta. 
The contradictory attributes of this and that devadatta are there and bhaaga tyaaga is involved in unitary knowledge
Hari Om!

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