[Advaita-l] Attributes and upadhis

Br. Pranipata Chaitanya pranipata at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 10 22:36:15 CDT 2015

Regarding the example itself, is it not that, had  Vishnumitra had
> perceived devadatta earlier (A - during childhood days when they used to
> play :) and after many years ( grown up), seeing devadatta again (B) and
> not knowing A = B, when yaGYadatta says -  this is that devadatta ,
> all the discarding
> happens as detailed above ?
> My question specifically is - if  Vishnumitra is seeing devadatta for the
> very first time in his life and
> yaGYadatta says -  this is that devadatta, does the above discarding
> happens, lakShaNA vRRitti of the type bhAga-tyAga, since there is no
> context of 'that' as far as Vishnumitra is concerned ?

It seems you agree that right knowledge of the statement do occur to viShNumitra. 

The knowledge process thro which it occurred is called bhAga-tyAga-lakShaNA vRRitti. You call in any other name, does not matter.

In case right knowledge did not occur, please follow the knowledge process bhAga-tyAga-lakShaNa.

Hari Om! Pranipata  

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