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Hari Om Br. Pranipata Chaitanyaji, praNams

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> Hari Om Shri Ravi Kiranji, Pranaams!
> >3) by the process of partially discarding contradicting features - since
> > Vishnumitra is seeing devadatta for the first time , how does this
> > discarding happen for  Vishnumitra ? ( since there is only a single
> > perception for the first time ? )
> The perception revealed to viShNumitra a person at yaGYadatta's place. To
> know specifics he enquires yaGYadatta and he replies.
> The process how the statement given as reply was understood to be
> meaningful involve lakShaNA vRRitti of the type bhAga-tyAga.
> The basic presumption is that every sentence convey a meaning. That too
> from authoritative source cannot be meaningless/senseless i.e. contradict
> other pramANa or anubhava.
> Prior to resorting to lakShaNA vRRitti (secondary connotation), lot of
> knowledge processes happen viz. that the words are in same case ending,
> they are not synonyms, the statement is not mere praise, the relation of
> qualifier-qualified do not apply, direct meaning contradicts other valid
> knowledge/experience. . .
> Then process of reconciliation with secondary meaning happens.
> Sure, agree with the process described here.

Regarding the example itself, is it not that, had  Vishnumitra had
perceived devadatta earlier (A - during childhood days when they used to
play :) and after many years ( grown up), seeing devadatta again (B) and
not knowing A = B, when yaGYadatta says -  this is that devadatta ,
all the discarding
happens as detailed above ?

My question specifically is - if  Vishnumitra is seeing devadatta for the
very first time in his life and
yaGYadatta says -  this is that devadatta, does the above discarding
happens, lakShaNA vRRitti of the type bhAga-tyAga, since there is no
context of 'that' as far as Vishnumitra is concerned ?


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