[Advaita-l] Attributes and upadhis

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Anilji - PraNAms

Uapaadhi is the locus for attributes. Devadatta's case the individual with his BMI is the upaadhi. Attributes are perceptible and deductible. Perceptible are his height, color etc that one can see or hear etc. The deductible are how intelligent he is or how kind and lovable , he is etc.

Senses obviously grasp the perceptible ones. Mind can deduct based on what is perceived and his behavior under circumstances.
The perceived and deductible attributes along with image is stored in the memory for future recollection. 
In the case of  this is that Devadatta, I see Devadatta with current perceptible attributes  and when the teacher says that Devadatta, the memory of that Devadatta seen in different place and time is recollected. Since the equation demands the contradictory attributes to be dropped and only equate the essence and knowledge can be immediate if the recollection is fast! 

Hari Om!
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 Subject: [Advaita-l] Attributes and upadhis
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 Can anyone explain the difference
 between attributes and upaadhis? In 
 the mahaavaakyas, are the attributes to be negated through 
 jahaajahallakshaNa, or the upaadhis?
 Anil Gidwani
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