[Advaita-l] akdhandaakara vRitti - My mistake

Keshava PRASAD Halemane k_prasad_h at yahoo.co.in
Sat Jul 4 05:22:03 CDT 2015

namastE.praNaams to all the learned-seniors (jnaanavRdhaaH). 
Friends, here is what i understand by "akhanDa-aakaara-vRtti": 
 . . . "ghaTa-aakaara-vRtti" . . . "paTa-aakaara-vRtti" . . . "anEka-aakaara-vRtti" . . . and finally . . .  . . . "akhanDa-aakaara-vRtti" ! 
So then, the qualifier-prefix "akhanDa-" qualifies the "-aakaara-" which the "-vRtti" refers to; and it is not that "akhanDa-" qualifies the "-vRtti" ! 
The "akhanDatva" refers to the nondifferentiable-integrality of the object that is being shown by the vRtti. 
The unique "set_of_attribute-value_pairs" enables one to identify and distinguish the one object of interest, being studied, from among all the rest. 
If-&-when that set_of_attributes is a null-set, there are no attributes onto which to anchor the vRtti, and so there cannot be any vRtti-janya_jnaana [SUnyatvam]! If-&-when that set_of_attributes is a singleton set, with only a singleton attribute-value-pair, it is a case of possible "akhanDa-aakaara-vRtti"-janya_jnaana [Ekatvam]! If-&-when that set_of_attributes is a finite set, then it is a case of possible "anEka-aakaara-vRtti"-janya_jnaana [anEkatvam]! If-&-when that set_of_attributes is an infinite set, then it is a case of unimaginable "ananta-aakaara" that cannot be contained within any "-aakaara-vRtti"-janya_jnaana [anantatvam]! 
Keshava PRASAD Halemane
mOkShakaamaarthadharmahjanmanaa jaayatE jantuḥ |  samskaaraat hi bhavEt dvijaḥ ||  vEda-paaThaat bhavEt vipra |  brahma jnaanaat hi braahmaNah || 


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