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Thanks for addressing me directly. It gives me the liberty to reciprocate
which I am utilizing now. It makes the post easier to compose and more

 Reg << संसर्गासङ्गिसम्यग्धीहेतुता या गिरामियम् ।

उक्ताखण्डार्थता यद्वा तत्प्रातिपदिकार्थता ॥ >> .

 Nice to see that you have clarified this yourself subsequently. You have
noticed the obvious though , in your inimitable presumptious manner , you
have made a virtue of it by mentioning << As many people may not know
meaning of this shlokaH, so they don't even
feel that this is not about अखण्डार्थता of वृत्तिः. So, if I leave this as
it is, and not post this writing, even then I'll not face any problem. >> .

 Again ,

 reg << Here one should note, that even प्रकृष्टप्रकाशश्चन्द्रः and सोयम्
sentences are अखण्डार्थक and hence generate अखण्डार्थवृत्तिः(because
sentences generate similar vRtti), and these things are not devoid of
parts. So, अखण्डार्थता doesn't mean revealing something devoid of parts,
Now, please read Anand's post again. >> .

 I think you should read Sri Anand Ji's post again. It is only at my
specific request ( after seeing your sneering reference to others
subsequent to his first post ) that he confirmed that these are not devoid
of parts . Also you have conveniently omitted to mention about the status
in respect of the Maha Vakya << तत्वमसि >> . Its अखण्डार्थ does not have
parts. I had brought it out in the explanation offered by Swami Harshananda
for the Vedanta Sara statement concerning अखण्डाकार वृत्ति .

 Reg << I've seen वेदान्तसारः , and I think sadAnanda only used this term,
but has not defined it. Correct? >>

 Are you suggesting Sri Sadananda Yogi used the word without knowing its
meaning ?? or with knowledge that it was as yet undefined ??

 Reg << Check commentaries, definitely in Sanskrit and those of credible
authors, for the meaning.>> ,

 What exactly do you mean by “ credible authors “ ?? Is Swami Harshananda
not a credible authority for you ?? I have cited his explanation only with
reference to Vedanta Sara quote. Though Swami Paramarthananda has not cited
Vedanta Sara for his explanation , from the context it is clear that it
covers its meaning . Is he not a credible Vedantic authority for you ?? Are
they not sufficiently well versed in Sanskrit for you ?? If I were to
depend on their commentaries /talks in other languages , have I missed out
on Sanskrit commentaries ??

 It is quite clear from your response that you have realized that the
definition of the word अखण्डाकार वृत्ति you have so far bandied about
really does not apply in the context of its usage in Vedanta Sara quoted by
me , nor in the context in which Swami Paramarthananda has explained it.
But you had no compunctions in using highly derogatory language while
referring to the Swamiji in your response to Sri Sadananda Ji. I cannot
care less for the sneering language you have tended to use while referring
to others in this forum for their views , but it is highly deplorable with
reference to Swami Paramarthananda who , apart from being a widely
recognized authority on Vedanta , is also held in high esteem by many
members in this Forum. The least you could do now is to tender an
unconditional apology to the Swamiji in this Forum.


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>> Therefore the interpretation of the
>> term should also be with reference to the context in which Sri Sadananda
>> Yogi has used it , as he appears to be the first to have used the term.
> ​Why stop with your limited vision? Let us go to shrI-chitsukhAchAryaH,
> who in his tattvapradIpikA said this :
> संसर्गासङ्गिसम्यग्धीहेतुता या गिरामियम् ।
> उक्ताखण्डार्थता यद्वा तत्प्रातिपदिकार्थता ॥
> I've seen वेदान्तसारः , and I think sadAnanda only used this term, but has
> not defined it. Correct? Check commentaries, definitely in Sanskrit and
> those of credible authors, for the meaning.​
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