[Advaita-l] akdhandaakara vRitti - My mistake

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Hare Krishna

I am sorry, I am sorry to say, even after reading somany mails in this thread, somany pointers towards prakaraNa grantha-s and current advaita saMpradAya teachers / guruji-s / swamiji-s opinion on 'akhandAkAra vrutti', (AV I am still not able to get the clear picture of this vrutti and my mind still entertaining the doubts as follows :

01.  whether this AV is same as Atma jnAna (paramArtha jnAna) or something else??
02.  whether this AV is mere intellectual understanding that there is no 'khanda' in svarUpa jnAna??
03.  whether this AV would help us to erase the avidyA/ajnAna completely and realize our svarUpa jnAna??
04.  if not, what is the difference between AV and advaita's adviteeya jnAna ?
05.  Whether the holder of AV can be considered as paramArtha jnAni or is it mere vrutti without any 'phala' like Atmaikatva jnAna??
06. Or can we say AV is same as tattvamasi or aham brahmAsmi jnAna ??  
07.  how would one get the AV ??  what is the sAdhana prescribed for this??  Is it same as vedAnta vAkya shravaNAdi sAdhana or something else apart from it?? If the shavaNAdi sAdhana is required to acquire AV, then what is the difference between vedAnta vAkya janita paramArtha jnAna (samyak jnAna) and this AV??
08.  whether the holder of AV is still have any avidyA in any form?? If yes, what will be the nature of that avidyA in the holder of AV ""

My mind still asking more questions, perhaps due to my limited or nil understanding of this term.  But would stop here and wait for the clarification.  I would expect only answers without expecting counter commanding questions like what is your understanding of this term, that term etc. :-)  Hope prabhuji-s in this group would help.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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> It is called akhadaakara vRitti only because the apparent but 
> apparently real khandana of jiiva-jagat-Iswara bhinaatvam is removed 
> and ekatvam which is akhandam is the jnaanam vRitti. jiiva-brahma ikya 
> bodhaka jnaana vRitti in essence is akhandaakara vRitit jnaanam.

​I'm sorry to say that your this understanding is also not in line with those who coined this word and defined it.
Obviously, I didn't define it like this.
If you think that svAmI told you, then I seriously doubt his understanding of this term. He may be defining this technical term without reading original texts which mention this term. He may be defining this system-specific-term according to his present limited learning, similar to what most were doing here.​

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