[Advaita-l] akdhandaakara vRitti - My mistake

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Fri Jul 3 04:15:12 CDT 2015

On Fri, Jul 3, 2015 at 8:54 AM, kuntimaddi sadananda via Advaita-l <
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> It is called akhadaakara vRitti only because the apparent but apparently
> real khandana of jiiva-jagat-Iswara bhinaatvam is removed and ekatvam which
> is akhandam is the jnaanam vRitti. jiiva-brahma ikya bodhaka jnaana vRitti
> in essence is akhandaakara vRitit jnaanam.

​I'm sorry to say that your this understanding is also not in line with
those who coined this word and defined it.
Obviously, I didn't define it like this.
If you think that svAmI told you, then I seriously doubt his understanding
of this term. He may be defining this technical term without reading
original texts which mention this term. He may be defining this
system-specific-term according to his present limited learning, similar to
what most were doing here.​


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