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Is not use of Pishta pasu in yjnas sishtachara?


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> SrI mAtre namaH
> Namaste ,
> SrI Venkata ji wrote " serious sAdhakAs, these again lead to dhUma-mArga.
> Life is short and every moment is fleeting by. We must make use of
> this precious time in meditation and study of vEdAnta rather than
> breaking our heads with "shava-sadhAna"
> My query was not on shava ( शव ) sAdhna but on (सव यज्ञ ) was on
> pashukalpa in vedic sacrificces. I'm compiling सव यज्ञ प्रयोग and at
> instance pashukalpa was mentioned. ( pashvAlambhana / animal killing )
>   I was asking for instead of प्रत्यक्ष पशु   a पिष्ट पशु can be use ?
> ( the main reason for asking the query at this discuss platform was , the
> justification of पशु अलंभन in the book ' hindu dharama ' of kanchi
> paramAcharya .And on a dvaita website's following statement on behalf of
> srI Vijayeendraru ." Pishta pashumeemaamsa – It is a grantha which says
> that in vaidika yajna pishta pashu only to be offered and not the living
> pashu.  Advaithees and Vishishtadvaitees support saakshat pashubali.   This
> he has proved with many of the veda quotes, sookthas from aitareya. "
>  )
> Interestingly you understood शव for सव .
> Even शव साधना is not tamsic at all .The famous disciple of Sri vAmAkshepA
> , Sri nigamAnanda jI achieved the self realization while performing शव
> साधना . He had a devine vision of goddess tArA and he asked for bramha
> vidya .
> ( The complete story was published in  kadambini tantra issue  ,November
> 1995 )
> Even same is true about SrI vAmAkhepa ( पूर्वश्रम -श्री वामाचरण
> ,अवधूताश्रम -वामाक्षेपा /वामाखेपा ). He was a Bengali brahman .His father
> was a bhajan singer and use to sing at temple of goddess tArA. Once in
> childhood SrI vAmAkhepa  went with his father , and in innocence went in
> mahAsamshAna . He unknowingly sited on panchamundi Asana    and started
> preying MA tArA wuth bajan. On same day he was completely changed .
> One another thing shava sAdhana also have a sattvic aspect where the
> performer is lead towards tivravairAgya .Once body (स्थूल  ) and shukshma
> (सूक्ष्म शरीर ) are considered different and one meditates oneself  upon
> sitting on his स्थूल sarira and chanting of ishta mantra .
> Regards
> Animesh
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