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SrI mAtre namaH

Namaste ,

SrI Venkata ji wrote " serious sAdhakAs, these again lead to dhUma-mArga. 

Life is short and every moment is fleeting by. We must make use of 
this precious time in meditation and study of vEdAnta rather than
breaking our heads with "shava-sadhAna"

My query was not on shava ( शव ) sAdhna but on (सव यज्ञ ) was on pashukalpa in vedic sacrificces. I'm compiling सव यज्ञ प्रयोग and at instance pashukalpa was mentioned. ( pashvAlambhana / animal killing )
  I was asking for instead of प्रत्यक्ष पशु   a पिष्ट पशु can be use ?
( the main reason for asking the query at this discuss platform was , the justification of पशु अलंभन in the book ' hindu dharama ' of kanchi paramAcharya .And on a dvaita website's following statement on behalf of  srI Vijayeendraru ." Pishta pashumeemaamsa – It is a grantha which says that in vaidika yajna pishta pashu only to be offered and not the living pashu.  Advaithees and Vishishtadvaitees support saakshat pashubali.   This he has proved with many of the veda quotes, sookthas from aitareya. " 

Interestingly you understood शव for सव .
Even शव साधना is not tamsic at all .The famous disciple of Sri vAmAkshepA , Sri nigamAnanda jI achieved the self realization while performing शव साधना . He had a devine vision of goddess tArA and he asked for bramha vidya .
( The complete story was published in  kadambini tantra issue  ,November 1995 )
Even same is true about SrI vAmAkhepa ( पूर्वश्रम -श्री वामाचरण ,अवधूताश्रम -वामाक्षेपा /वामाखेपा ). He was a Bengali brahman .His father was a bhajan singer and use to sing at temple of goddess tArA. Once in childhood SrI vAmAkhepa  went with his father , and in innocence went in mahAsamshAna . He unknowingly sited on panchamundi Asana    and started preying MA tArA wuth bajan. On same day he was completely changed .
One another thing shava sAdhana also have a sattvic aspect where the performer is lead towards tivravairAgya .Once body (स्थूल  ) and shukshma (सूक्ष्म शरीर ) are considered different and one meditates oneself  upon sitting on his स्थूल sarira and chanting of ishta mantra .


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