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Dear Sir,                  We celebrate it as " Vaikunta Ekdasi" or Mukkoti, as all the vaishnava temple are rushed with full of devotees and one this day (Only once in year) the northern gate i.e Vaikunta Dwar will be opened and people we are in need of mukti/moksha will enter through the gate and take the blessing of lord vishnu. Mnay of our ancestors keeps fast on that day , i.e ekadasi upavaas and prays for mukti from lord vishnu as the dakshinayanam is going and sun is progressing towards  Makra, uttarayana punya kalam.
regardskameswara Rao  

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 Today, Margashirsha Shukla 11 is called Mokshada "the moksha-giving" 
Ekadashi because it is also Gita Jayanti.  On this day amidst the armies 
assembled on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, the despondent and 
confusion-wracked Arjuna was taught the precious key to liberation from 
the very parabrahman Himself who had taken the mortal form of Krishna 
Bhagavan and the role of his charioteer.

Or we could say it was told some time later after the death of 
Bhishma.  to Dhritarashtra by his minister Sanjaya who had been given the 
power of divine sight to be able to narrate all the events of the war to 
his blind lord.

Or we could say it was told by Bhagavan Vedavyasa to Ganesh Bhagavan who 
was acting as his scribe for writing down the Mahabharata of which the 
Gita forms a part.

Or we could say as Krishna Bhagavan Himself does that this vidya was 
originally taught by Himself to Vivasvat who taught his son Manu who 
taught his son Ikshavaku.

>From all this we can gather that the Gita is for all kinds of people and 
at all times.  But right now and you are when and for who the message of 
the Gita is most appropriate. :-)

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>
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