[Advaita-l] Grammatical question about Mundaka 2.1.1 bhashyam

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> You yourself have given the Tikakara's words
>  TikAkAra Anandagiri glosses over the व्युत्पत्ति of the
> word विषय as विषीयते विशेष्यते विद्याऽनेनेति व्युत्पत्त्या विषयशब्दस्य
> वस्तुपरत्वान्नपुंसकलिङ्गत्वं ।



In this the Anyapada in the Bahuvrihi is Vastu.

No, its is the vyutpatti of the word viShaya.

> Vastu is Napumsaka
> Linga word in Sanskrit.


Therefore it is AparaVidyaa Vishayaha Yasya Vastunaha Tat Vastu
> AparaVidyaaVishayam.

I cannot see what is the problem in accepting Bahuvrihi Samasa with
> Vastu as Pradhanapada?
The problem is that here viShaya = vastu, while you're making entire
compound = vastu. Even if you do insist that, viShaya will still be
pradhAna and Panian rules call that as tatpuruSha. You cannot call it
bahuvrIhi because uttarapada is pradhAna.

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