[Advaita-l] Theory of Language: Mimamsa, Advaita and Vyakarana 3 of 3

Venkatraghavan S agnimile at gmail.com
Mon Dec 14 17:01:26 CST 2015

Sri Siva SenAni,

Thank you very much for the sterling work in sharing research with us. You
had translated from Dravyasamuddesa as follows:

"न तदस्ति न तन्नास्ति न तदेकं न तत्पृथक्।

न संसृष्टं विभक्तं वा विकृतं न च नान्यथा ॥१२॥

It (Brahman)neither exists, nor does it not exist; It is neither One, nor
is it different;It is neither co-mingled, nor in a separated state; neither
is it modified, nor is it other than modified."

The description of Brahman as neither existing nor non existing, (सदसद्
विलक्शणम्?) appears to use terminology employed to describe avidyA/mAyA. In
what sense is this meant?

As an aside what ख्यातिवाद does व्याकरण use?


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