[Advaita-l] What is the Significance of Tri Shakti (Sri Mahakali, Sri Mahalakshmi and Sri Mahasaraswati).

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In the Saundaryalahari we find that the worship of Mother Lalita becomes the worship of the Trigunajanita-Devatrayee. This could mean that the Devi is no different from the Deva-trayee together, or in other words, the Devi-trayee together should be the same as the Mother Lalita. 

The Purana  (i.e., the Fifth veda) has a story on ths, though  I do not remember the exact reference now. It says that the Devi created Vishnu and Brahma and asked them to be her associate but they refused saying "you are our mother and we cannot be your associate". Then the Devi dissolved them. Then Lord Shiva asked the Devi to give him her third eye. The Devi did that and Shiva recreated Vishnu and Brahma. Next he dissolved Devi and created three Devis out of her and these three Devis became the associates of the three Devas. This story seems to mean that the three Devas and the three devis are the same but the differentiation is only for playing different roles.

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> What is the significance of Tri Shakti (Sri Mahakali,Sri Mahalakshmi and
> Sri Mahasaraswati).

After the recitation of Durga Saptashati or Chandi Patha in some 
shakta sampradayas especially those that go back to the great upasaka Shri 
Bhaskara Raya, there is recitation of three texts known as rahasya trayi. 
Some time back I posted them with my own translation and commentary.

Pradhanika rahasya

Vaikrtika rahasya

Murti rahasya

Together they explain how the one supreme Bhagavati produced the 
trimurti and their shaktis who went on to produce the material creation.

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