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Chanting Sri Vishnu Sahasranama can take care of a wide range of problems.
Just take a look at its phala shruti. For those who do sandhyavandana,
paramaacharya says doing deva-R^iShi-pitR tarpaNa regularly will help. Sri
Vishnu Sahasranama method is easy and open to all.

Methods mentioned in yoga darshana (such as maitri karuNa mudita ...) and
trying to follow yama and niyamas will help one attain chitta shuddhi.
That can help to increase once receptivity of Ishvaraanugraha. The word
grace is a christian term - what is that in our tradition karuNa
(compassion) or anugraha?


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> Hi All,
> Loving Sairam to you,Hope you are doing well.
> What kind of spiritual practices/rituals one should follow when He/She is
> facing a Bad times in particular career problems . At times what ever one
> does that will become no use in bad times.
>    1. Is every thing pre determined in life?
>    2. Does Vastu has any effect ?
>    3. How to get God's Grace ?
> are there any solutions mentioned in Vedanta for the above questions ?
> kindly let us know please.
> With Best Regards
> Kishoore Chelikani
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