[Advaita-l] What the solution at Bad Times

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Consulting a good genuine astrologer may help in that he would be able to
prescribe a proper Sadhana/Puja to be done. Other than that, you may
practice Sadhana of your Ishta Devata for specific number of days by taking
a samkalpa that your career related problems be solved. A Sadhana of
Ganesha (ex- parayana of Sankashta-Naashana Ganesha Stotram) would be good
as well.


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> Hi All,
> Loving Sairam to you,Hope you are doing well.
> What kind of spiritual practices/rituals one should follow when He/She is
> facing a Bad times in particular career problems . At times what ever one
> does that will become no use in bad times.
>    1. Is every thing pre determined in life?
>    2. Does Vastu has any effect ?
>    3. How to get God's Grace ?
> are there any solutions mentioned in Vedanta for the above questions ?
> kindly let us know please.
> With Best Regards
> Kishoore Chelikani
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