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Wow what a beautiful letter you have forwarded,,, bless you, please do
share more...

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> Dear members,                             Some time back Priyanandanatha
> Ji Maharaj forwarded two interesting mails to me which I would like to
> share with all of you. The first one is "Don't give up", what I understood
> from that is what ever may be the case, irrespective of gains, we should do
> Live and do what we though of doing by listening to antaHa-karana, I mean
> inner voice, By doing so you may loose the materilistic things which you
> acquired in the life but what one might have gained the eternal
> happiness."Wherethere is Love there is Faith, Where there is faith there is
> BlessingWhere there is Blessing there is God, Where there is God, there is
> no Greed" The other one is very interesting as such I am reproducing here
> with out making a even small change in that and my prostastions to him by
> forwarding that mail to me.
> LatuMaharaj (Disciple of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa) said one day:
> "There are three possible relationships one canhave with God: 'My God', 'I
> am God', and 'I am God's. The last one is best,because it does not tempt
> pride."  Temptation only puts the people into the well.
> In answer to a devotee's question: How can welove God or surrender to Him,
> without seeing Him?
> Latu Maharaj answered: "Don't you send yourapplication for a job to the
> manager of a company without ever seeing him? Yourinterview with the
> manager depends upon sending your application to him. Youwrite the
> application thus: 'Sir, please appoint me for the job; I shall beextremely
> happy to serve you; I promise my unswerving obedience to you,' and soon.
> And you write all this without ever having seen the manager, don't you?
> Similarly, you can send an application to theLord. However, this
> application is not to be written on paper, but on the pagesof one's mind:
> 'O Lord, may I never forget Your Name. I take refuge in You.Please assign
> me to Your service and destroy my ego and doubts. You are mymaster, guru,
> father, mother, and all in all. I am Your child. Make me yourinstrument. Do
> not delude me with Your bewitching maya. O my sweet Lord, I havenot seen
> You; I have only heard Your name. Please make me Your own.' You willhave to
> pray like this daily. Only then will He choose to bestow His grace onyou."
>  with regardsKameswara
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