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Dear members,                             Some time back Priyanandanatha Ji Maharaj forwarded two interesting mails to me which I would like to share with all of you. The first one is "Don't give up", what I understood from that is what ever may be the case, irrespective of gains, we should do Live and do what we though of doing by listening to antaHa-karana, I mean inner voice, By doing so you may loose the materilistic things which you acquired in the life but what one might have gained the eternal happiness.“Wherethere is Love there is Faith, Where there is faith there is BlessingWhere there is Blessing there is God, Where there is God, there is no Greed” The other one is very interesting as such I am reproducing here with out making a even small change in that and my prostastions to him by forwarding that mail to me.
LatuMaharaj (Disciple of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa) said one day: 
“There are three possible relationships one canhave with God: ‘My God’, ‘I am God’, and ‘I am God’s. The last one is best,because it does not tempt pride.”  Temptation only puts the people into the well.
In answer to a devotee’s question: How can welove God or surrender to Him, without seeing Him? 
Latu Maharaj answered: “Don’t you send yourapplication for a job to the manager of a company without ever seeing him? Yourinterview with the manager depends upon sending your application to him. Youwrite the application thus: ‘Sir, please appoint me for the job; I shall beextremely happy to serve you; I promise my unswerving obedience to you,’ and soon. And you write all this without ever having seen the manager, don’t you? 

Similarly, you can send an application to theLord. However, this application is not to be written on paper, but on the pagesof one’s mind: ‘O Lord, may I never forget Your Name. I take refuge in You.Please assign me to Your service and destroy my ego and doubts. You are mymaster, guru, father, mother, and all in all. I am Your child. Make me yourinstrument. Do not delude me with Your bewitching maya. O my sweet Lord, I havenot seen You; I have only heard Your name. Please make me Your own.’ You willhave to pray like this daily. Only then will He choose to bestow His grace onyou.”
 with regardsKameswara

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