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Mon Nov 10 04:39:50 CST 2014

The apparent contradiction between these two is resolved in the shruti/bhashya by clarifying that Realization is not possible with an impure/unrefined (असंस्क्रुत a-samsktuta ) mind and it is possible through and only through a pure/refined (सुसंस्क्रुत su-samskruta ) mind

praNAms Sri ChandramouLi prabhuji
Hare Krishna

For that matter, as you know, even through the su-samskruta mana with the help of antya pramANa, we cannot realize the brahman, it is simply because of the fact that brahman is 'aprameya' and avaAngmAnasa gOchara.  Then how the shAstra is the prAMANa for knowing / realizing brahman?? Shankara clarifies this beautifully in samanvayAdhikaraNa sUtra bhAshya : the shAstra does not directly  teach brahman as an object, but it teaches the jnAna that would eradicate all distinctions like jnAtru, jneya, jnAna.  So, shAstra-s role ends in teaching what is anAtma which is wrongly superimposed on Atman. Even for the shruti, it is not poissible to teach brahman / Atman directly.  And to understand this shruti vAkya in its perspective we need the mana which is purified by shama, dama, shAstra and AcharyOpadesha.

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