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Sri Umesh Ramaswamy wrote Can someone elaborate how Advaitic Realization is
possible going beyond Mind? Is Nidhidhyasana is also through mind?

 Since he has quoted from the Shruti a passage which gives the impression
that Realization is not possible through the mind, and shrutis are the
ultimate authority in such matters, It is necessary to bring out through
Shruti vakyas only ( as interpreted in the Bhashya ) the means or
instrument through which Realization can be achieved. In this regard
attention may be drawn to three such references, two from the Shrutis and
one from the BG.


   Katha Upanishad 2.1.11 Manasivedamaptavyam.....मनसैवेदमाप्तव्यं Translation
   ( Sri SSS in kannada and translated to english by me ) This is to be
   achieved only through the mind ..

 Bhashya प्रागेकत्वविज्ञानादाचार्यागमसंस्कृतेन मनसैव इदं ब्रह्मैकरसम्
आप्तव्यम् आत्मैव नान्यदस्तीति । Prior to the realization that ( It ) is
One, only by a mind which is endowed with samskaara through shastra and
Acharya must the realization “ this Brahman is nothing but the Atman, there
is nothing other than this “ be achieved.


   Brihadarnyaka Upanishad 4.4.19 Manasaivanudrashtavyam......
   मनसैवानुद्रष्टव्यं ..Translation ( Swami Madhavananda ) Through the mind
   alone ( It ) is to be realized....

 Bhashya तद्ब्रह्मदर्शने साधनमुच्यते — मनसैव परमार्थज्ञानसंस्कृतेन
च अनुद्रष्टव्यम् । The means of the realization of that Brahman is being
described. “ Through the mind alone “ , purified by the knowledge of the
supreme Truth, and in accordance with the instruction of the teacher, ( It
) is to be realized.

 3. BG Bhashya on 2.21 Translation ( Sri Gambhirananda )  करणागोचरत्वात्
इति चेत्, न ; ‘मनसैवानुद्रष्टव्यम्’
 इति श्रुतेः । शास्त्राचार्योपदेशशमदमादिसंस्कृतं मनः आत्मदर्शने करणम्
।  Objection
:: If it be said that this is due to its being beyond the scope of any
means ( of knowledge ) . Vedantin :: No. because the Shruti says “ It is to
be realized through the mind alone, ( following the instruction of the
teacher ) ( BU 4.4.19 ). The mind that is purified by the instructions of
the scriptures and the teacher, control of the body and organs etc becomes
the instrument for realizing the Self.

Summarizing, there are shruti vakyas which convey the impression that
Realization is not possible through mind and there are shruti vakyas which
convey the meaning that Realization is achieved *only* through the mind.
The apparent contradiction between these two is resolved in the
shruti/bhashya by clarifying that Realization is not possible with an
impure/unrefined (असंस्क्रुत a-samsktuta ) mind and it is possible through
and only through a pure/refined (सुसंस्क्रुत su-samskruta ) mind. To answer
the last part of the query by Sri Umesh Ramaswamy, Yes. Nididhyasana is to
be undertaken only by such a su-samskruta mind to achieve the results.


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> Respected Members,
> Vedas proclaim "Yato Vacho Nivartante Aprapya Manasasaha"....But looks
> like one cannot go beyond mind because everything has to be cognized via
> mind only. Even during meditation if the mind is not centered it will
> wander all over the places and realization cannot be had without the help
> of the mind. I remember having read somewhere U.G.Krishnamurthy as saying,
> one cannot go beyond mind, and since everything has to be cognized through
> mind, realization of Brahman (which is beyond mind) is a myth.
> Can someone elaborate how Advaitic Realization is possible going beyond
> Mind? Is Nidhidhyasana is also through mind?
> Regards,
> Umesh
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