[Advaita-l] शुक्लयजुर्वेदीय सन्ध्याप्रयोगः

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Pranam Animesh,
I have a question on the following mantra used in SV.This is part of: असन मन्त्रः ॐ पृथ्वि त्वया धृता लोका देवि त्वं विष्णुना धृता ||
त्वञ्च धारय मां देवि पवित्रं कुरु चासनम् ||
ॐ कूर्माय नमः | ॐ शेषाय नमः | ॐ अनन्ताय नमः |

I am not sure if this particular to my Sankethi Braahmana (Iyer subcaste from Karnataka) jaathi or just my family, but when we say the mantra below, we take tear a portion of angavastra thread and place underneath so as to sit on it. (I belong to Tattir Shakha KYV Apastamba Sutra) But i have seen in books where it is just sufficient to touch ground and then forehead.  Overtime, when tearing a thread from anga-vastra, it may become damaged. Any comments or opinions on which is proper ?
Dhanyavaad,Ravi Chandrasekhara 

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 Srī mātre namah 

Dear group members,

Like Krishna yajur veda in south , in north India suklayajurveda is famous .
It have about 80 present followers among north indian brahmans .
This post describes trikAla sandhyA prayoga of shukla yajur veda .
( Since most of north Indian brahmans are shuklayaju followers so I'm posting this .Even for comparative study krishna yajurvedis may visit it .)



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