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I guess you might have read my response..

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> Dear Members,
>                                Yesterday in speaking tree of TIMES,  there
> was an interesting article saying that  Good Karma Can drive out Bad Karma.
> First offall I don't agree wherher it is good/bad. Why because karma is
> kama only. It is nothing but set of programed planned actions which are to
> be executed. As it was written in the adhara that Soul is a distinct
> spritual entity which has to be given/joined  to
> sriguru/dakhinamurthy/ANanda BHiarava only. The soul ' I mean atma after
> separation from physical body lives eternally ' ever progressing towards
> reunion with its creator. Its progress directly depends on the
> purity/quality of life led on earth.
> Somes times this concept is called as reincarination/ rebirth  on a
> material plane, as told by jnani's.
> With regards
> Kameswara
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