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Thanks for confirming.
Actually, same was said by another person on another forum.

On 20-05-2014 10:43, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:
> On Fri, 25 Apr 2014, श्रीमल्ललितालालितः via Advaita-l wrote:
>> I heard that there is a vR^itti on vaisheShika-sUtra by bhAradvAja and
>> another commentary by bhikshu(viGYAnabhikshu ??).
>> While I could not find any details about the vR^itti of bhAradvAja,
>> wiki-page on viGYAnabhikshu did't list any work on
>> vaisheShika-sUtra-s by
>> him.
> No this is apparently a much earlier author.  B.K Matilal ("A History
> of Indian Literature Vol 6 Fasc 2: nyAya-vaisheShika") says
> "[Jain author] Jinendrabuddhi mentions also a vrtti--that is a brief
> paraphrastic explanation of a sutra text--on the Vaisheshika-sutras
> which he might have followed...
> ...Thus, it is probable that the author of the vrtti...must have
> developed the Vaisheshika theory of logic, which was vehemently
> criticized by [Buddhist author] Dignaga...
> ...Traditionally we hear about a Bharadvajavrtti on the
> Vaisheshika-sutras.  But we cannot be definite whether this
> Bharadvajavrtti was identical with the Vrtti referred to by Dignaga
> and Jinendrabuddhi"
> Note that the vArttikakara on nyAyasUtras, uddyotkara says he belongs
> to bhAradvAja gotra and he primararily refutes dignAga so perhaps the
> vrtti was an earlier work by the same author?
>> I'm sure that bhAradvAja-vR^itti was printed.
> Apparently not.  It is known only through quotes in other authors.
> As for bhikshu, uddyotakara as well as several other early
> nyAya/vaisheShika authors were pAshupata sannyAsIs.  Perhaps it is a
> reference to that?


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