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> I heard that there is a vR^itti on vaisheShika-sUtra by bhAradvAja and
> another commentary by bhikshu(viGYAnabhikshu ??).
> While I could not find any details about the vR^itti of bhAradvAja,
> wiki-page on viGYAnabhikshu did't list any work on vaisheShika-sUtra-s by
> him.

No this is apparently a much earlier author.  B.K Matilal 
("A History of Indian Literature Vol 6 Fasc 2: nyAya-vaisheShika") says

"[Jain author] Jinendrabuddhi mentions also a vrtti--that is a brief 
paraphrastic explanation of a sutra text--on the Vaisheshika-sutras which 
he might have followed...

...Thus, it is probable that the author of the vrtti...must have developed 
the Vaisheshika theory of logic, which was vehemently criticized by 
[Buddhist author] Dignaga...

...Traditionally we hear about a Bharadvajavrtti on the 
Vaisheshika-sutras.  But we cannot be definite whether this 
Bharadvajavrtti was identical with the Vrtti referred to by Dignaga and 

Note that the vArttikakara on nyAyasUtras, uddyotkara says he belongs to 
bhAradvAja gotra and he primararily refutes dignAga so perhaps the vrtti 
was an earlier work by the same author?

> I'm sure that bhAradvAja-vR^itti was printed.

Apparently not.  It is known only through quotes in other authors.

As for bhikshu, uddyotakara as well as several other early 
nyAya/vaisheShika authors were pAshupata sannyAsIs.  Perhaps it is a 
reference to that?

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