[Advaita-l] Bhagavad Gita as predicted by Sage vAsiShTha

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Pranams Sri Niranjan ji,

I do not have access to Sanskrit commentary by Anand Bodhendra Saraswati.

Pranams Srirudra ji,

I agree with Sadananada ji.

Advaitin will enjoy YV. If you consider Vidyaranya Swami as authentic, then
there is no question of fact finding.



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> PraNAms
> Yoga vAshiShTa has been attributed to 11th Century or so composition. If I
> understand correctly, Shankara does not quote any slokas from this while
> Vidyaranya quotes extensively. Ramanuja also does no quote any slokas from
> this work.
> Same applies to Ashtravakra Geeta.
> The best thing is to give importance to the contents than to the time
> scale, with Shruti forming the main pramaana.
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda
> ----------------------------------------
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>  Dears
> Sage Vasishta belongs to Threthayugam.Mahabharath was in dwapara yugam.How
> it is possible that there is a version of Geetha by sage Vasishta unless He
> foresaw of what was going to happen in the next yuga.Or this Vasishta
> should be a namesake of original Vasishta of Lord Sri Rama's times.

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