[Advaita-l] Bhagavad Gita as predicted by Sage vAsiShTha

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Yoga vAshiShTa has been attributed to 11th Century or so composition. If I understand correctly, Shankara does not quote any slokas from this while Vidyaranya quotes extensively. Ramanuja also does no quote any slokas from this work. 
Same applies to Ashtravakra Geeta.
The best thing is to give importance to the contents than to the time scale, with Shruti forming the main pramaana. 

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Sage Vasishta belongs to Threthayugam.Mahabharath was in dwapara yugam.How it is possible that there is a version of Geetha by sage Vasishta unless He foresaw of what was going to happen in the next yuga.Or this Vasishta should be a namesake of original Vasishta of Lord Sri Rama's times.

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