[Advaita-l] 'world' is not the mental creation of tiny soul !!

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Sat Mar 29 05:01:37 CDT 2014

Hence when I said Iswara of the dream – I am not equating the two Iswaras 
– the waking world Iswara and dream world Iswara.  For dreamer there is no 
waking world. The two worlds are parallel and there is no disagreement 
with what is said in the Bhashya.

praNAms Sri Sadananda prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Month end, qtr. end. work hence at office today.  I think the confusion is 
due to saying svapna srushti is from Ishwara (jeeva).  It is confusing 
because nowhere shankara equates jeeva with Ishwara in the srushti 
prakriya and say jeeva is the Ishwara (srushtikarta) of the dream world 
:-)) As we know dream is an individual experience and for this jeeva's 
waking world vAsana is the cause.  Again, point to be noted here is this 
has been said by giving the more importance to the waking world and 
jAgratAtma.  From that point of view 'svapna prapancha is nothing but 
vAsana of waking world which has been gathered by our antaHkaraNa in 
waking state.  antaHkaraNavruttiH asya lOkasya vAsanAmAtra.  Hence for the 
jagat srushti (jagat which is more concrete / solid, and the jagat which 
is same for all other jeeva-s /different upAdhi-s)  parabrahman is the 
abhinnanimittOpadAna kAraNa and this jagat when compared to svapa srushti 
more real and accessable to many in same order.  Hence shankara clarifies 
in sUtra bhAshya, svapna srushti is not like Ishwara's srushti like AkAsha 
etc. pAramArthikastu nAyaM saNdhyAshrayaH sargO viyadAdi sargavat.  And 
elsewhere shankara again emphasizes this fact by saying in svapna srushti 
not even a smell of paramArtha : mAyaiva sandhyA srushtiH na paramArtha 
gandhOpyasti.  So, we have to be very careful when indiscriminately 
equating jAgrat prapancha with that of svapna prapancha without 
considering & examining these statements from the bhAshya.  When it comes 
to avasthAtraya prakriya, brahman who is sAkshi to all the three states is 
prapanchOpashamana, shivaM, shAntaM advaitaM...hence shruti says tasya 
traya avasathA trayee svapnAH. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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