[Advaita-l] sUta samhitA with TAtparya dipikA of MAdhavAcArya (VidyAraNya)

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> I think that author you have mentioned is different from the above
> author(s). Due to busy schedule I am not able to contact Chaukhamba
> Sanskrit Pustkalaya, Varanasi H.O., Varanasi

​Sure !
This is not a Phd or something. It is a translation of sUtasaMhitA
according to TIkA of shrI-vidyAraNya and many pATha-bheda-s are in
footnotes. This is a new work.
And, if you would have read carefully, you could have easily found that
Taralabulu site is ​taking of sUta-saMhitA-mImAMsA and not sUta-saMhitA
with translation. And, you could also have found that the publisher
mentioned by the site is vidyAbhavan .... and not daxiNAmUrti-maTha.

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