[Advaita-l] sUta samhitA with TAtparya dipikA of MAdhavAcArya (VidyAraNya)

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Sat Mar 8 00:04:38 CST 2014


I was just searching on internet and found these links


The author, now a sanyAsin, says,

The Universities both in India and US seem to be plagued with plagiarism
> these days and very much competing with each other in spreading the
> epidemic all over.  On the heels of the recent episode of Miss Kavya
> Viswanathan of Harvard lifting the passages from the two novels of Mr Megan
> Mcafferty, the next turn seems to be of *Dr Ramakant Jha* of the *Mahatma
> Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth University*, one of the three Universities in the
> ancient city of learning, i.e., Banaras. *Dr Jha* has profusely copied
> major portions of my thesis (1976) verbatim and got the doctoral degree
> from the above Universtiy named after *Mahatma Gandhi*! What an
> Experiment with the Truth by *Dr Jha* ! The hither too unknown academic
> theft made by him 25 years ago, has come to my knowledge only three weeks
> ago !
> One of my good old friends of my student days (1967-76) in the Banaras
> Hindu University, *Sri Srivatsa Goswami of Vrindavan*, sent me an
> unexpected e-mail last month drawing my attention to a book in Hindi
> published in 2005 by a famous indological book publishers, *Chowkhamba
> Vidyabhavan*, in Banaras.  The name of the book is:  *"Suta Samhita
> Mimamsa (skanda puranantargat sutasamhita ka samikshatmak Adhyayan)**,*Varanasi:
> 2005,  pp.285,  Vidyabhavana Prachyavidya Granthamala 155,  Rs.300."
> The title of the book very much resembled the topic of my doctoral thesis
> in English namely: *"A Critical Study of the Suta Samhita"* for which I
> was awarded Ph.D. by the Banaras Hindu University as far back as 1976.

home page: http://www.taralabalu.org/

I think that author you have mentioned is different from the above
author(s). Due to busy schedule I am not able to contact Chaukhamba
Sanskrit Pustkalaya, Varanasi H.O., Varanasi

Contact details from online portals
JD <http://www.justdial.com/Varanasi/publications-%3Cnear%3E-chaukhamba>

I hope the info given is correct.

I have already contacted Bharatiya Kala Prakashan and they said that the
book is available only in sanskrit. Hindi and english versions are not is
demand and so he does not know when they will be re-printed.

Hari OM


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