[Advaita-l] 'world' is not the mental creation of tiny soul !!

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Mon Mar 24 12:31:22 CDT 2014

HS Chandramouli wrote:

"The whole point arises because Sri SSS is critical

of mulavidya approach and advances the adhyasa



"How then can one go about deliberating on this subject unless oneknows whose avidya is to be eliminated ? Surely one cannot do so byconsidering adhyasa and knowledge as some external elements unconnected with the inquirer."


Namaste, nobody is saying that adhyāsa is some
external element unconnected with the inquirer. This is not Sri Swamiji's position
and I can see that from your paragraph above,you have not correctly grasped Sri Swamiji's views. Rather than do it on this list I would be happy to clarify
further with you offline.

I also agree with Sri Sadananda that the question is over-emphasised. I was simply responding to questions asked. Sri Sadananda has summarised well the view of the tradition,( for which I had also given the references from Shankara and Suresvara) that "ignorance belongs to the one who does not know that he is Brahman..". This has nothing to do with whether one believes in mūlāvidyā or not. I have also given the reference from Suresvara that even the notion that avidyā rests in Brahman is from the standpoint of ignorance only, so these statements can be taken independent of what one believes or doesn't believe are Sri Swamiji's views.As per your first statement above, it has been debated extensively on this list re mūlāvidyā and Sri Swamiji's views and allthe relevant postings can be found in the archives, so I see no need to further elaborate .Regards


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