[Advaita-l] BhAgavatam : The objective world is illusory

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Hare Krishna

When one says - this is rose, that means one is different from ROSE, as 
is the knower of rose.

>  The rose example is given to drive home the point that rose is always 
rose (kArya in kAraNa rUpa) without any attributes, attributes have been 
superimposed by the senses which grasped the 'rose'...( hope I dont have 
to define what is ROSE in this context :-))

Creation, etc is w.r.t to relative reality and Brahman is untouched by it.

> true nobody arguing this point.  When it comes to the context of 
creation, the brahman is the ONLY efficient as well as material cause.  We 
know pAramArthikally there is no creation, nor any baddha jeeva, nor any 
mOksha (reference vide kArika)

These theories are only for explanatory purpose. 

>  Yes, it is an 'upAya' says gaudapAdAchArya in kArika.

Brahman is inexplainable, beyond the realm of senses and mind. 

>  agreed prabhuji.

Hence any attempt to define Brahman
cannot give real definition of Brahman. 

>  yes, agreed :-))

What about those shruti-s?? Do shruti-s contradict themselves?
they are there just to clear doubts. Later when one is absorbed in 
the root of all, the source of all, desires of even past life are up 
very fast. then one sees that everything is mental projection.

>  After the dawn of knowledge the jnAni would see everything as brahman!! 
 pUrvaM avidyayA asarva Aseet punaH vidyayA avidyApanaye 'sarvO' 
bhavati...It does not mean after jnAna, jnAni would become table, 
computer, keyboard, etc.  he would see everything in its sva-svarUpa that 
is nothing but brahman. 

Actually, the meaning of anything, any shape and form is given by mind and 
intellect. Snake and it's skin. Is casting off skin the death of snake?

>  yes, this is what is called jeeva's avidyA kalpita jagat.  which is 

I think Bhaskar Prabhu ji is a FAN of SSS :D

>  I dont know what prompts you to bring my parama guruji's name here!!?? 
Anyway, just for the records, yes,  I am dAsara dAsa of my parama guruji 
Sri SSS. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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