[Advaita-l] BhAgavatam : The objective world is illusory

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Fri Mar 7 03:20:50 CST 2014

praNAms Sri ChandramouLi prabhuji
Hare Krishna

The use of the word mind as the cause of the illusion in respect of
creation I think always is confusing. 

>  Not only confusing it also ruins almost half of the advaita siddhAnta 
literature :-)) 

Individual jiva's mind itself is an
illusory creation from the paramarthic standpoint. So is Creation.

>  one of the theories that we can find with respect to jagat is, this 
whole jagat (including multiple jeeva-s, their karma, bhOga etc.) is the 
svapna of samashti mind of hiraNyagarbha.

 Hence should not the word for cause of Creation be interpreted as Maya 
instead of mind ? Nodoubt subsequently in some places the word maya is 
used. But is it not preferable to use the word maya only anytime the
context is Creation.

>  IMHO, when it comes to the context of creation, advaita asserts that 
brahman is the abhinna nimittOpadAna kAraNa for this jagat.  Hence, 
shankara at times, treats kArya jagat on par with kAraNa brahman.  Just 
see his statement in sUtra bhAshya :  yathA cha kAraNAM brahma 
trishukAleshu sattvaM na vyabhicharati evaM kAryamapi jagat trishu kAleshu 
sattvaM na vyabhicharati....I dont think translation is required for this 
simple & straight forward declaration of shankara.  If the jagat (kArya 
rUpa) is  (individual) mind's funny creation, then we will have to throw 
out these statements from shankara's bhAshya since statement like these 
does not mean anything in the context of creation.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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