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praNAms Sri ChandramouLi prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Ø   If you could permit me prabhuji, I too would like to submit  couple of my observations :

Consciousness does drive the BMI complex.

Ø   Which consciousness drive the BMI complex during post jnAna period??  It cannot be aparichinna chaitanya since aparichinna chaitanya would be uniform in one and all irrespective of whether one is jnAni or ajnAni.  So, the driving force of the jnAni’s particular BMI complex would be that bAdhita (sublated) shaareeri, kshetrajna or vijnAnAtma.  With this bAdhita jnAna he realizes that he was / is / will always be ashareeri and hence he is neither kartru nor bhOktru.  While commenting on the geeta naiva kimchitkarOmeeti shankara clarifies naiva kimchit karOmi iti yuktaH samAhitaH san manyeta chintayet tattvavit Atmavit, AtmanO yAthAtmyaM tattvam vetti iti tattva vit, paramArtha darshee ityarthaH, tasmaivaM tattva vidaH sarvakArya karaNa cheshtAsu karmasu akarmaiva pashyataH samyag darshinaH…It is quite obvious from this clarification that jnAni with the bAdhita jnAna of individuality continue to do karNa cheshta but it is akarma only since his is the realization that he is ashareeri always.  If we goes back to our analogy, the ‘wave’ continue to be ‘wave’ only with  the sublated knowledge of ‘waviness’ and continue to be a wave only for the other waves though that particular wave’s realization is that it was/is/will never be a wave but WATER.

But BMI complex does not have the " I " ness in it any longer.

Ø     Yes, that ‘I’ which is realized that it is nothing but THAT,  disassociates itself from the compartment of BMI realizes that it is bhUma.  This does not anyway mean operation of the BMI would stop immediately, as shankara clarifies above, karaNa cheshta would continue with this bhAdhitAnuvrutti.  In short, “I” ness would not go anywhere, but this ‘I” would realize that I am not doer nor enjoyer.  That is the reason why at some place shankara says Atman is ahaM pratyaya gOchara..while realizing paramArtha jnAna, jeeva would realize that ‘he’ is brahman (ahaM brahmAsmi) thou art that (tattvaMasi) etc. With this bAdhita ‘I’ ness only one would establish himself in paramArtha jnAna.  As we can see mOkshAvastha is not something that can be achievable only in some particular state (where  ahaM is complete absent) or avasthAteeta or vyavahAra AbhAva state.

I have neither mentioned nor meant Sri SSS in any way in my response. I am not sure what prompted you to comment on that. But I do not really need any response from you for this. Just mentioned it incidentally.

Ø     I mentioned Sri SSS name just to clarify that my observation on jeevatva and its multiplicity etc. does not find place in any works of Sri SSS and these are all my inquisitive mind’s never ending doubts.  I quoted Sri SSS name, so that one should not think that for my doubts there is a support in Sri SSS works.  Kindly don’t think I am dragging you to the discussion in the name of Sri SSS.

Now as I said earlier , over to the Experts.

Ø     Thanks a lot for your patience and time prabhuji.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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