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 praNAms Sri ChandramouLi prabhuji

Hare Krishna

Reg <<  If there is no separate ‘realized’ jeeva for whom prArabdha continue to affect in post jnAna period??  >> .

 Prarabdha continues to affect the BMI complex.

Ø   Whose BMI complex is this …??  We cannot say custodian of this BMI complex is that erstwhile jeeva who was taking shelter all these days under this BMI complex.  Now he has become brahman and there is no individuality of that jeeva whatsoever, hence HIS existence is not restricted to that particular BMI complex.  If we say he would continue to ‘stay’ in that BMI complex (which is experiencing the fruits of prArabdha) then ‘parichinnatva’ of that jeeva which is still in that BMI complex needs to be accepted.  OTOH, If we say, jnAni who realized his true svarUpa is no more sashareeri, then we cannot say jnAni is subject to prArabdha and cognition of jnAni’s BMI will only be in the eyes to bystanders.  Is it not??  In short, there will be three  different scenarios as far as the jnAni is concerned :

Ø  (a) jnAni without any attachment to his BMI complex whatsoever  after realization becomes ashareeri ( live wave losing its ‘waviness’ completely and become ‘WATER) would become one with that akhanda chaitanya without any trace of parichinnatva immediately. This should cause immediate death to that bhautika shareera  OR (b) jnAni would realize his identification with brahman but continues to stay in his BMI till the prArabdha lasts and after shedding his mortal coil would go to some other place from where he would not return but if this jnAni has a special privilege like apAntaratamas would wait for paramAtman’s order to return back to martya lOka to educate about brahma jnAna to others.  OR (c) jnAni after the dawn of knowledge would realize that he was / is / will never be dehavAn / sashareeri and his association with his BMI complex gets sublated and he attains the sadyO mukti and whether he has BMI and his socalled actions of post jnAna period is ONLY the matter of concern to others who still identifying the jnAni with his BMI.  In each one of the above position, there is an inherent acceptance of multiple jeeva-s (waves) which is nothing but brahman (water) in reality !! Kindly tell me which one is more appropriate stand with regard to jnAni as per shankara’s advaita vedAnta.

  Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!


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