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> Thank you Sri Sujal for the clue that I got from your reference to Swami
> Sivananda's commentary where the plural 'vināyakāḥ' is mentioned.  Upon a
> search I found that the Agnipurāṇam has this listed as some bhūta entities:
> ये कुष्णाण्डास्तथा यक्षा ये दैत्या ये निशाचराः ।
> प्रेता विनायकाः क्रूरा मनुष्या जम्भगाः खगाः ।। २७०.९ ।।
> The Srimadbhāgavatam too has a reference:

Interested readers should also see the extensive discussion we had on the 
list concerning this subject a few years back starting at:




> 10.6.27 where the baby Krishna is 'purified' by the Gopi-s after the
> killing of Pūtana:
> http://prabhupadabooks.com/sb/10/6/27-29

Ugh Prabhupada was an awful translator.  Still from the shloka mentioned 
we can get an idea of the classes of devayonis which are called bhutas. 
In the threads mentioned above.  In the thread mentioned above I have in 
one post compared the tikas on Gita 9.25 by several Advaitins each of 
which gives a slightly different list.

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