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Namaste Sri Subramaniam ji,

Adi Sankara cannot contradict himself:

In viShNu sahasranAma bhASya while explaining #27 sIva and #114 rudra, Adi
SankarAcArya ji has explained,

27 शिव Siva
Translation by Gita Press (page 78)

The one who is pure because of absence of three guNa-s (in him) [1] is
called as Shiva. 'He is Brahma, He is Shiva', in this way, by showing
non-difference (अभेद) between them (all three) [1] , by praising the name
of Shiva, etc, it is the praise of Hari (Vishnu)


The one who is pure because of transcending three guNa-s is called as

*Note:  *

[1] Words in Bracket are not found in original Translation

   - This commentary shows that none of the shapes and forms are true and
   in reality the truth is non-dual. Lord Brahma represents Rajas Guna, as he
   is Creator. Creativity is a rajasic activity. Lord Vishnu is preserver.
   Sattva Preserves. Lord Shiva destroyer, which is tamasic guna. Here
   destruction means destruction of ignorance as ignorance is tamasic. Tamas
   Guna is a AvaraNa, which Lord Shiva Removes. After removing Ignorance
   (agyana, avidya), only vidya remains i.e. Jnana that 'I am Brahman'.
   - Remover of Ignorance is also called Guru. Hence it is said that Shiva
   kripa means Guru Kripa. Guru Gita, one is the most revered scripture says
   there is no difference between Guru and Shiva. Hence it is said that
   without Shiva, one cannot be free from duality. In other words the work of
   removing of ignorance is attributed to Shiva.

114 रूद्र Rudra
Sankaracharya's commentary:

Translation of Shankara Bhasya by Gita Press (Page 104):

One who makes all people weep, At the time of death or during the total
dissolution, the One who makes all weep is Rudrah. From a devotee’s
standpoint the same term is interpreted as the One who liquidated all
sorrows is Rudrah. Or *it may mean that The cause of sorrow (cry) and
driving it away is called as Rudra. Ling Purana says that, 'The name Rudra
is the cause of Dukha (sorrow) i.e. dukhaka, because, the Lord removes [1]
the sorrow or the cause (hetu)[2] of sorrow, that is why, the cause of
everything (परमकारण (ParamkAraNa) Lord Shiva is called as Rudra.*

[1]Here 'the Lord removes' can be taken as 'the Lord uproots'
[2] हेतु (hetu) means intention, motive, reason, purpose or even an object.
Here it has to be taken as cause

*#600 Siva is translated as that which is auspicious is called as Siva.*



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