[Advaita-l] Saraswati is Shiva's sister?

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Thu Feb 13 07:29:04 CST 2014


But Brahma became a male deer and chased her and tried to mate.
But Siva shot an arrow at the male deer

If not understood properly, we would get lost with this AkhyAyika
and end up with wrong conclusions.

This episode is linked with our jyOtiSya shAstra and a typical
nakSatra-maNDala is described which is called "shinshumAra chakra".

In this shinshumAra chakra, the 3 nakshastrAs ie., arudra, mrigashira 
and rohini all three fall in a single line.  The rOhiNi is followed by
mrigashira which inturn is followed by Arudra.  

This was described as AkhyAyika as prajApati chasing his daughter
rOhiNi (also called usha).  prajApati assumed the form of mriga.
shiva got enraged and chased prajApati.  Thus, severed the 
head (shiras) of prajApati who was in mriga form. Thus, the head of 
prajApati was known as "mriga-shiras". Interestingly, the adhipati of 
Arudra nakshatra is shiva only.

This is the inner essence of brahma chasing his daughter and
shiva, inturn chasing brahma.  This denote Arudra, mrigasira
and rohini nakshastras respectively.


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