[Advaita-l] Saraswati is Shiva's sister?

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> The questions that arise are:  If brahmA is the 'son' of Vishnu as per
> popular belief, how is Saraswati the source for Lakshmi who is the consort
> of Vishnu? And how is Saraswati the sister of Shiva?  There is a belief
> that Parvati is the sister of Vishnu. There is also a vaishnava belief that
> Shiva is the son of brahmA.  If Saraswati is Shiva's sister, she has to be
> brahmA's daughter too.  There is also a belief that Lakshmi is Shiva's
> sister.  And a brother-sister relationship will make both of them offspring
> of some other entity.  Then, Vishnu and Shiva will have to be sons of
> someone.

In one ancient story Brahma had a daughter known as Usha. She was very
beautiful. Brahma became aroused and went after her. She became a deer and
ran away. But Brahma became a male deer and chased her and tried to mate.
But Siva shot an arrow at the male deer. That same Usha became Saraswati
and Brahma's wife. It may be true Saraswati is Brahma's daughter. Siva is
Brahma's Manasa Putra.

Siva is called Pashupati because he can control animal passions.

For details see

> Any answers that clarify the above 'riddles' are welcome.
> regards
> subrahmanian.v
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