[Advaita-l] vajrOli yOga & shankara bhagavatpAda

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Hare Krishna

The Vajroli practice will maintain Brahmacharya.* If* a Brahmacharya has 
sex there is no loss for him if he is
expert in Vajroli. But Adi Sankara entered into King's body and enjoyed 
with women in King's body. He knew Vajroli. There is no loss of 
Brahmacharya. I think in Vajroli practice they will draw up the Veerya 
even if comes out.
I am not sure how can they do it? Any answers?

>  Yes, this is what we can read in mAdhaveeya also.  If through vajrOli 
yOga there is no avakeerNatva dOsha, then why shankara has opted for 
another body??  that too body of the king who has more than 100 wives!!?? 
Since there is no yati dharma bhanga here, since there is no retaHskhalana 
& is always Urdhva retasa, he could have experienced the kAma shAstra 
through his body only where was the need of 'parakAya' pravesha...If the 
yati has an absolute disassociation with his 'sva-kAya' what was need for 
'para-kAya' pravesha??  And another question that arises here is, if one 
avoid retaH skhalana and continue 'stree-saMbhOga' can we call him 
brahmachAri / saMnyAsi?? 

>  If I remember right shankara in one of his justifications for parakAya 
pravesha, says he is saMkalpa rahita, since saMkalpa is the cause for 
kAma, no question of kAma vAsana in him.  But here also question remain 
unanswered is without any saMkalpa, how shankara did the saMkalpa of doing 
'para-kaya' pravesha ??  how he lost himself in king's body by abundantly 
enjoying the kAma- bhOga ??  Dont you think these are all shankara's 
sva-varNAshrama anuchita karma??

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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