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Ravi Kiranji - I have written an exhaustive article posted to the list few months back with the title - Who slept well - based on Vidyaranya's analysis presented in 11th Chapter of Pachadashi. Sushupti is also a kosha with kaarana Shareera. 
Hari Om!

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 Namaste Sadanandaji
 Thanks for sharing this series of articles.
 Some comments:
 the below analysis,  deep sleep can be seen as Swarupa
 Sthithi or Sakshad Brahmarupa itself, instead of, as an
 avastha ( state)
 From sushupti alone, jagrat / swapna prapancha appears and
 disappears. The reality of Jagrat/Swapna is that of the
 Brahmarupa of Sushupti alone. 
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 One can experience this in the state of deep sleep. In your
 deep sleep 
 you leave the body, antahkaran, senses and you remain
 separated from 
 everything. Your senses, mind cannot enter the deep sleep.
 We are 
 experiencing the deep sleep state but we cannot talk about
 it. Because 
 intellect, mind cannot enter that state. 
 What is your understanding of the 
 deep sleep state? We do not know anything about the deep
 sleep state 
 when we are there. It is such a strange experience. All of
 us have that 
 experience. But at that time we do not know anything. When
 we wake up 
 and someone asks about it, we say I was there. We do not
 deny our 
 presence. Nobody says ‘I was not’. I had no connection
 with my body, 
 senses, buddhi or mind. Now in waking state using my tongue
 intellect I am talking about it and I say that ‘I was
 there’. I was 
 there. There was no limitation of any kind. I was in an
 unlimited state.
  There was no confinement of any kind.
 I was there.
 There was not limitation of any kind.
 I know that nothing was there. The knowledge that nothing is
 there happened.
 So there was knowledge
 I was there – satyam. Isness.
 I have the knowledge of the absence – jnananm
 There was no limitation of any kind – anantam.
 Satyam, Jnanam and Anantam are the lakshanas of Brahman. I
 was there in 
 the form of Satyam, Jnanam, Anantam. I am the same even now.
 That is 
 sakshad Brahmarupa.
 End of the post.
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