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Namaste Sadanandaji

Thanks for sharing this series of articles. Some comments:

>From the below analysis,  deep sleep can be seen as Swarupa Sthithi or
Sakshad Brahmarupa itself, instead of, as an avastha ( state)
>From sushupti alone, jagrat / swapna prapancha appears and disappears. The
reality of Jagrat/Swapna is that of the Brahmarupa of Sushupti alone.

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> One can experience this in the state of deep sleep. In your deep sleep you
> leave the body, antahkaran, senses and you remain separated from
> everything. Your senses, mind cannot enter the deep sleep. We are
> experiencing the deep sleep state but we cannot talk about it. Because
> intellect, mind cannot enter that state.
> What is your understanding of the deep sleep state? We do not know
> anything about the deep sleep state when we are there. It is such a strange
> experience. All of us have that experience. But at that time we do not know
> anything. When we wake up and someone asks about it, we say I was there. We
> do not deny our presence. Nobody says ‘I was not’. I had no connection with
> my body, senses, buddhi or mind. Now in waking state using my tongue and
> intellect I am talking about it and I say that ‘I was there’. I was there.
> There was no limitation of any kind. I was in an unlimited state. There was
> no confinement of any kind.
> I was there.
> There was not limitation of any kind.
> I know that nothing was there. The knowledge that nothing is there
> happened.
> So there was knowledge
> I was there – satyam. Isness.
> I have the knowledge of the absence – jnananm
> There was no limitation of any kind – anantam.
> Satyam, Jnanam and Anantam are the lakshanas of Brahman. I was there in
> the form of Satyam, Jnanam, Anantam. I am the same even now. That is
> sakshad Brahmarupa.

> End of the post.
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