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Sarma gaaru - Advaita experiences is not an experience but clear understanding that I am Brahman or I am infinite wherein all experiences rest - .....prapanchopasham, shaantam, shivam, advaitam chaturtam manyante sa aatmaa sa VIJNEYAH - says mantra 7 of ManDukya. Abiding in that understanding is advaita nishTa or jnaana niShTa or as Bhagavan Ramana puts it dRiDaiva niShTa. Understanding takes place via the mind only and for the teaching one way or other is required; like any other knowledge. 

Please also see under google - Peace Pilgrim . She had no knowledge of aham brahmaasmi but was peaceful - shantam which she considered as Shivam or auspicious.. 

Just my 2c.
Hari Om!

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 I do not think that I
 have competence to judge someone else's experience as
 genuine or not because I do not have it.

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