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I do not think that I have competence to judge someone else's experience as
genuine or not because I do not have it.


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> Namaste
> It is like Smashaana Vairaagya everyone gets. In Smashaana when they are
> cremating his relative's body everybody feels there is no meaning in
> earning wealth and enjoying life. He will look at the cremating body and
> think what money and property he made in life they are not able to prevent
> his death. What is the use of all this wealth? But after he comes out of
> Smashaana and after some time he goes back to old habits of making money
> and enjoying material pleasures.
> Like this sometimes anybody can get Advaita Bhaavanaa. He will say we all
> are one. But try to ask him Give me your house and possessions to me. We
> all are one. I am you and you are me. What is yours is mine. Your bank
> account is mine. See what happens.
> True Advaita experience is not temporary. The Advaita Experience Effect
> will be permanent and change the life of the person permanently.
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>> I think that we should not think that hindus or hinduism have a copyright
>> On advaita
>> experience.
>> There has been an article in Newyork Times "What would Krishna Do? Or
>> Shiva? Or Vishnu?" yestere day in the Opinion section. One of the reader
>> has described his experience thus.
>> gem PA 16 hours ago
>> <
>> http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/08/03/what-would-krishna-do-or-shiva-or-vishnu/#permid=12463427:12464277
>> >
>> *From a religious experience I had following 3 years in a concentration
>> camp I came away with the understanding we all, each one of us, was part
>> of
>> All and All was love. There is no separation between me and you and us and
>> the flames of stars. We are All. Then from that I understood, if I hurt
>> you, I hurt me as we are part of each other. I understood this into and
>> from the core of my being. Surely we All understand this? It seems we
>> mostly do not or we would cherish one another.*
>> This shows that advaitic experience is not confined to only hindus. People
>> other than hindus can have it. More important coclusion is Hindu
>> ritualistic practice is not a prerequisite for advaitic experience.
>> regards,
>> Sarma.
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