[Advaita-l] Seeking clarification on Bri. Up. Mantra 1-4-2

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Thu Apr 24 06:55:06 CDT 2014

On Thu, 24 Apr 2014, H S Chandramouli wrote:

>  Do these statements not suggest that Brahman is knowable as an object ?

Could be but I don't see why it _must_ suggest that.

>  Perhaps the ultimate knowledge should be stated as << Realization that 
> I am Brahman >> Ayamatma brahma , jiva-brahma ekatva.

Well, what Sanskrit word would you use to translate "Realization"?  It 
seems to me jnana covers it well.  You are of course perfectly right that 
the "knowledge" or "realization" of Nirguna Brahman is objectless.  That 
is why I think shruti emphasizes the aloneness of Viraj.  He comes to this 
whatever-it-is :)  naturally when there is no one or nothing else to teach 
it because it is the inescapable conclusion when all dualities have been 

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