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Krishnamurthyji - PraNAms

At transactional level one cannot avoid the duality. Understanding level involves that the truth is advaita (non-duality) in spite of the apparent duality. It is cognitive understanding to put in Swami Paramarthanandaji's words. Avadhuta geeta, after the first sloka, goes into advaita doctrine - for example it says- aham dhyaata param dhyeyam akhanDam khanDate katham? - If one says one has to meditate - the author asks - how can you meditate? How can you divide as I am meditator and this has to be meditated upon - that which is indivisible? 

There are many slokas like that and this text itself is more meditative text and should be studied for nidhidhyaasana. 

Hari Om!

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 Dear Sriram
 I think the point raised was whether this sloka has
 dualism,as it refers to Easwara Anugraham.R.Krishnamoorthy.
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 > It is the 1st sloka itself.
 > IshwarAnugrahAdEva pumsAm advaita vAsanA
 > mahadbhayaparitrANA viprANAmupajAyatE ..............1

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