[Advaita-l] Adi Shankara's Amarushataka

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Tue May 21 23:53:15 CDT 2013

<<An enterprising interpreter can find all kinds of meanings in things but I 
am rather dubious about any "Advaitic message" in the Amarushataka.  Have 
you read it?>>

The last stanza of this shataka describes the viraha-bAdha of the nAyaka towards his
prEyasi.  Owing to the pangs of separation (viraha-bAdha), the nAyaka (hero) literally sees
his nAyika / prEyasi (heroine) as sarvavyApaka.  He sees his lover in all the 8 directions,
on his celestial bed; beside him sleeping alongwith him; within his antahkarana; and 
"within himself".  
This seeing his lover "within himself" owing to the viraha-bAdha has been compared with the advaitic realization where the devotee sees his beloved lord in himself.  
This is the culmination of the love between the two lovers where the sthAyee bhAva of sringAra rasa in the form of rati is achieved.
BTW, i have studied the commentary of this amaruka-shataka which is mainly stressed
on sringara rasa and certain concepts of vAtsyAya kAmasUtra.  
A good book for the students of alamkara shastra.

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