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To all respected scholars

Please provide details about Sankara Bhgavatpada's

With pranams

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> Namaste,
> //
> Please let me about MattAmnAya, considered to be written by BhagavadpAda.
> Is it available in print?
> //
> Basic tenets of chaturAmnAya has been published by mutt itself which is a
> part of
> a small book with the name "shankaracharya puja vidhi".  It contains
> jagatguru parampara
> stotra, muttamnaya, shankaracharya puja vidhi, ashtottara & sahasranama of
> sankara,
> totakashtaka, shankaracharya seva padyavali, mangalashtaka and certain
> compositions
> of bhashyam swamigal.
> However, detailed anushasana is not printed which is in manuscript form
> and is not given
> to outside public.
> There are some ancient manuscripts, mantra shastra manuscripts which Sri
> Bharati Tirtha Swamiji is not interested in making it open for all.  For
> instance, kAtyAyani tantra which
> is preserved in the mutt with utmost secrecy.  Just to have a glimpse of
> it, my friend had
> to seek the written approval of His Holiness.  After His Holiness's
> approval, one kinkara
> would be escorted inside to meet Sri Narahari Bhatt who maintains a copy
> of this.
> After having a glance of this manuscript drafted by Sri Satchidananda
> Sivabhinava Nrisimha Bharati Mahaswamigal, my friend came out.  He was
> denied even the photostate
> of the same.
> This is how the "sampradAya gOpyatva" is maintained in sringeri.  Had this
> been made public, every tom, dick & harry would have published it and made
> money.
> regs,
> sriram
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