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Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Thu May 16 02:23:30 CDT 2013

Please let me about MattAmnAya, considered to be written by BhagavadpAda.
Is it available in print?
Basic tenets of chaturAmnAya has been published by mutt itself which is a part of 
a small book with the name "shankaracharya puja vidhi".  It contains jagatguru parampara
stotra, muttamnaya, shankaracharya puja vidhi, ashtottara & sahasranama of sankara,
totakashtaka, shankaracharya seva padyavali, mangalashtaka and certain compositions
of bhashyam swamigal.  
However, detailed anushasana is not printed which is in manuscript form and is not given
to outside public.  
There are some ancient manuscripts, mantra shastra manuscripts which Sri Bharati Tirtha Swamiji is not interested in making it open for all.  For instance, kAtyAyani tantra which
is preserved in the mutt with utmost secrecy.  Just to have a glimpse of it, my friend had
to seek the written approval of His Holiness.  After His Holiness's approval, one kinkara
would be escorted inside to meet Sri Narahari Bhatt who maintains a copy of this.  
After having a glance of this manuscript drafted by Sri Satchidananda Sivabhinava Nrisimha Bharati Mahaswamigal, my friend came out.  He was denied even the photostate
of the same. 
This is how the "sampradAya gOpyatva" is maintained in sringeri.  Had this been made public, every tom, dick & harry would have published it and made money.  

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